Feng Shui Training

Creating a Stress-Free Home With Feng Shui

Master Class

-Learn how to create a stress-free home and mind using the fundamentals of Feng Shui and learn how to feng shui your home or office

–Learn how to clear your home of negative vibes using Baqua and Flying Star Feng Shui.

-Create a home you feel great in using Chi, Shapes, Colors. Learn what Feng shui is good for

-Learn how to clear a space of clutter

-Understanding Layouts, floor plans, lot shapes and how you can increase your health and wealth vibe by moving things around

-Learn how to have better health using lighting and furniture arrangement

-Learn how to increase your health and wealth vibe using Inner feng shui

-Have less stress and better health by reducing EMF’s and using grounding

-How the feng shui compass can help you increase your health and wealth vibe

-If you have ever asked, How do I clear a space of negative energy this class is for you

2018 dates to be announced soon