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Feng Shui Events

Feng Shui Events and Workshops

Check out our fun, creative, and life transforming feng shui events in the Washington DC metropolitan area, Frederick; Maryland, and more.


  • Penelope Lee is a feng shui practitioner and interior decorator who enjoys creating beautiful, productive, and healing environments.She specializes in creating healing spaces that help to transform your life.She mixes colors and shapesto create a unique home that is nourishing and healing. Her favorite projects involve clients who want to change their life by changing their living environment.She loves partnering with them and inviting them to create, grow and nourish their spaces.Penelope has extensive studies in Acupuncture, Eastern healing modalities and Interior design. Her study of Feng Shui led her to study homes and how they affect health. Penelope lives in Frederick with her husband Greg and their 2 children.#fengshuievents