About Elemental Home

Elemental Home and Office is a Feng Shui interior decorating company. Our focus is to use the ancient principles of feng shui to help you create a stress free home or office. Feng shui is a system that helps you create a space that not only looks good but feels good.

Feng shui uses shapes, chi, colors, textures, lighting, raising negative chi space, reducing emf’s, environmental psychology and many other things to create a home or office you feel great in.

By reducing stress, negativity and creating balance in your space you increase your productivity and your health/wealth vibe. You are able to attract more abundance and blessings into your life.

Some people will ask, “Why not just use an interior designer?” Our reply is think of those spaces in your home..you know the ones….you’ve done furniture arrangement, painted, bought new things and it still doesn’t feel right. You never really want to hang out there. That’s a good indication that a little feng shui chi lifting can help.